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Our raison d'etre

Fair Trade

Farmers have been fighting for their livelihoods for a long time, and as a community, we still have a long way to go in reaching a state of balance in the industry.

IPOD (Índice de Precios en Origen y Destino) and COAG (Coordinadora de Organizaciones de Agricultores) estimates show that the difference between the price of the produce of everyday use from the origin and final consumers exceeds more than 500% margins from their latest published data.

As we come closer to the farmers, we can slowly eradicate this enormous difference in price margins with your support!


Everyone has an innate sense of morality to help others, yet why aren't we all doing it? Or if we are doing it, why aren't we consistent?

We believe that the only way to make real change is by making it easy and convenient for people to adapt new solutions.

Now you can help local farmers by spending less effort, time, and money shopping for fresh produce!

Environmental Sustainability

Did you know that bananas were first introduced to Europe from India back in 327 B.C. by Alexander the Great?

Since then, importation has become a norm and comes with environmental costs: Food lost between harvest and retail which the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) estimates to be 14% of the world's food, associated water wasted used for cultivation, and the equivalent of CO2 emissions from transport. This number is an underestimate as not all countries have records, even those within the EU.

Together, we can gradually reduce our environmental impacts by going local! We strive to do better by ensuring that the materials and processes involved have less to no environmental impact.

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